● WARNING: this site looks like SHIT on small screens. i warned you! ●


heyo folks and welcome to my webbed site!!! it's been a HOT minute since i last worked with HTML or CSS so i will need yall to just gimme a bit of grace here, im figuring things out (and doing everything from scratch! could i have used a template? yes. however. no.) but it's going well so far! in case we havent talked before, i'm poppet, they/them, and i am an artist, writer, gamer, and all around nerd and idiot!

my current favorite things are fighting games (mainly the guilty gear series, my main game being strive, and super smash bros ultimate, although street fighter 6 is almost certainly joining that list) and fantasy life (yes the 2014 3ds release that almost no one has played but I PLAYED IT and im HYPED FOR THE SEQUEL), so hit me up on my tumblr (linked on the sidebar on every page) to talk about them with me!!! you can also check out my fanart there, and can find my fanfic at ao3, also linked on my sidebar.

also coming soon to this site is likely an archive of some of my posted fanart and fanfic, as well as some of my non-fanworks. i do a lot of original writing in my free time, and although little of it gets finished, i have a lot of concepts that i'd like to talk about, so i might as well do it here, right? i can't promise anything uploaded onto here will ever really come to fruition, but i'd like to catalog it and keep in mind what i've started so i can return to it if i want to. thank you for joining me in this stupid little corner of the internet, and i hope you enjoy your stay.


3/14/23 - more links added to sidebar, as well as sin mboy mbeloved

2/27/23 - about page finished and link added to sidebar

2/24/23 - changelog created, base HTML and CSS already begun a few days ago but still in progress. currently finishing homepage and adding other pages, although links will likely only lead to empty pages for the time being.


not a ton to credit here at the moment! most images on the site at the moment come from guilty gear xrd or strive (and specifically the dustloop wiki, thank you kind people for making transparent versions of moves), and the layout itself was done entirely from scratch, with a lot of help from w3schools for html and css tag references. this will also be updated as the work on the site continues.