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NAME: poppet :]
PRONOUNS: they/them
HOBBIES: writing, drawing, gaming, coding, crafting (including but not limited to diy electronics, crochet, and embroidery), cosplay, and thinking about fictional characters, among others
LIKES: catboys, fighting games, music, anything that scratches their brain
DISLIKES: having to make decisions, boredom, emails
INFO: poppet is, to put it simply, a bit of a mess. with at least 3 work in progress projects active at any given time, over 500 hours in guilty gear strive, and a large but strange patchwork of knowledge, they can easily be offputting to the others around them. however, it's made up for with the sheer effort they put into their everyday interactions. not into being NORMAL in these interactions, mind you, simply into being the absolute most they can be. if you can handle their insanity and strange mannerisms, you may find yourself in the presense of an interesting individual who will gift you with hand-drawn images of catboys and stupid, situational memes. they would love to have you.


GUILTY GEAR STRIVE: sin kiske (skin 11) - currently in the top 100 (!!!) sins in the game
SMASH BROS ULTIMATE: inkling (skin 4) and aegis (skins 6 and 7)
GUILTY GEAR XRD: sin (skin 1) and elphelt (skins 4 and 15)
GUILTY GEAR XX ACCENT CORE PLUS R: a.b.a (default dust skin)